Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not a Wasted Vote

I do not like to waste things ; as a matter of fact I enjoy recycling and reusing things as much as possible. I am sure of one thing I would never ask you to waste your vote. This election cycle please vote your conscience not the lesser of two evils. I believe that I am the best choice; unfortunately, I have little media attention. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I feel quarantined by the media. I tried to get into tomorrow night's Time Warner debate  but did not succeed.  Write my name down on a piece of paper and bring it with you to your polling place this November 4th and WRITE-IN THOM JENKINS at the bottom of the Congressional line column where it says write-in. In order to help you, I will post a sample ballot before the election. Each county in the District also has its own elections but the ballot will still be consistent  with regard to state and federal candidates . The most important thing to do this November 4th is to vote. But most of all, remember A VOTE FOR ME IS A VOTE FOR YOU!

Monday, October 20, 2014

More than just the 19th Congressional District of New York...

We must end the dysfunction in Washington. I believe that one cannot disagree with the three principles that I have been running  on for Congress  over the last two election cycles. Those principles are: government must have a conscience, the two party system does not represent the people, and money should not buy representation.  Both candidates have  questionable issues around money, whether its donor contributions or access to personal wealth. Democrats and Republicans do not represent the people if they did forty percent of the electorate would not be affiliated  with any party.  Government is designed to serve the people: it has not done its job. As an independent, I will represent you not party politics. I will work hard on all the issues that concern us. Remember, on November 4th...WRITE-IN THOM JENKINS FOR CONGRESS. You will be glad that  you did. Vote your conscience; LET YOUR VOTE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Money can't buy you love, or can it?

Money is a very  touchy subject  in everyone's lives; but it is especially touchy when it comes to politics. Since one of the principles that I am running is that MONEY should  not buy representation, I am very concerned about its influence in this particular congressional race. Obviously, I  would like to be your choice in  the 19th Congressional District of New York, because I believe that we should begin to re-establish a balance in Congress for the people  and that I would work hard in your interest.In an article in The American Politics Journal, I ran across an editorial written by Leon Felkin  that I thought was particularly appropriate . I will give you a direct quote from it. DEMOCRATS and WEALTH:  Democrats believe in the concept of "equal distribution of wealth" even if they happened to hoarding a pile of it.They justify this by the fact that to do their job requires that they live a certain style that allows them to associate with the influential." Of course, this is actually meant to be funny, but is it?  I do not think so. Why?  Sometimes people flock to money like bees to honey.  The fact that a candidate who  has access to more money than almost any one of us  can count; sometimes blinds their vision. I believe that  democrats have been blinded by enormous wealth. Quite frankly, I question the motives  of their candidate. I believe that if you agree with me that you will WRITE-IN THOM JENKINS on the congressional line, an independent who will work for you.  I have worn out my boots working; I will wear out my shoes  in the halls of Congress working for you. Join with me !

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some Things Are Just Our Own Fault

 Every two years there is a General Election, and part of that election is for  the House of Representatives , all 434 seats from the varied Congressional Districts across our great land.And almost always, you do the same old thing ; you vote republican or democrat.As Maurice Hinchey, the beloved Democrat, told me in 2012.."the rest are just out for themselves." I had told him that I was running on principle, three to be exact. I have already told you those.In my opinion , the voter ignores the  fact that democrats and republicans do little to help the people and a lot to help themselves. Their pockets get lined with money from big donors; and the voice of the people gets crushed. I want to elected to Congress by you so that I can be your voice without big donors and without big money. I will not out source jobs; I will work hard to find solutions to bringing good paying jobs to our district. I will not vote to shut down the Federal government and risk the prestige of our nation aboard  or the loss of work and salary  to thousands , I will not be a party to our nation being held hostage by party politics. I will work for campaign reform. I will push for equal pay for women (my mother always made more than my dad.) I will always vote to fund planned parenthood: I  am a firm believer  in a woman s right to choose. I will always vote to fund the Center for Disease Control and Prevention;   I will always fund our Public Health and Infrastructure. I believe in protecting the environment; especially, from the potential of pollution of our precious water supply  by fracking.  I fully support Social Security and Medicare. I believe in a living wage not a minimum one.  I believe that higher paying jobs will stimulate the economy; higher revenue more spending power. I believe in universal health care. I will always vote to fund security for our embassies around the world. I live full time in the district; I am not a millionaire nor do I have access to huge amounts of money. I live modestly and I believe that I can be a great representative for the 19th Congressional District. Why? Because I am YOU!  Let your vote make a difference this November 4th. Go down the Congressional line and WRITE-IN...THOM JENKINS..I promise to let your vote make  THE DIFFERENCE IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Congress and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are Overlooking One Thing

The missing link to exposure of the Ebola virus is incidental contact.  This problem is enormously serious.  It is necessary to establish national protocol at all entry points in the United States. The preparedness and ability to respond to this health crisis is imperative. I grew up in the era of polio; my mother was a registered nurse, she is probably rolling over in her grave  at the amount of carelessness that is putting her "sisters and brothers"  in harms way. The thoroughness of precaution is our most important ally in defeating this deadly virus.Contain the virus in west Africa by discontinuing  commercial air travel ; have restricted air travel for American health care  workers.