Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thank you

I would like to thank each and every person who voted for me.  Every vote meant something to me;  I really appreciate your support.  I believe that if I had had the opportunity of more exposure in the media and had participated in the debates that I could have done substantially better to the point of giving the two parties a real run for their money; Unfortunately, despite the decisive victory for the Republican party, a very, very large number of people did NOT vote.Participation in our system of government is imperative.We need campaign reform in the worst way; we need a level playing field,,I am not the one who is afraid of competition. I welcome it! Reforming the way an independent petitions the ballot should the same as democrats and republicans not three times the work. We need to seriously look at money in politics and find a way to minimize its influence..publicly funding elections, equal access to the media through federal regulations. There has got to be a better way!By 2016, reform must be in place!

The Aftermath

My congratulations to Chris Gibson on winning the 19th Congressional District of New York; To Sean Eldridge, well done ! As for me, I am proud of the fact that I tried again; I firmly believe in the principles on which I ran. The Democrats took it on the chin; the question is going to be whether or not the Republican majority in both Houses will work with Mr.Obama.  The mood of the voters demanded a change ; they certainly proved their power.  Will gridlock in Washington continue?  I believe that the Republicans have to prove to the American people that they will use their new found majority to pass positive legislation for which they were elected to do . Use it do not abuse it!  If they allow the extreme positions within their party to dominate their agenda,  they will not be able to convince the American people that they deserve a victory in the very near future of 2016.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voting, Election Day 2014

Today, I voted my conscience. I believe that the undue influence of money in our political system has led us to government by the few. It is not right.  YOU have to change it.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans are guilty of the undue influence of money.  These two parties are not representing the best interests of the American people; we need more dialogue and less partisan politics. If you have not voted already, please consider the PRINIPLES that I HAVE BEEN RUNNING ON OVER THE LAST TWO ELECTION CYCLES : Government must have a conscience, the two party system does not represent the people, if it did we would not have 40% of the electorate not affiliated with either of them, and probably most important is that money should not buy representation. So, if you believe in those principles ,  you should WRITE-IN THOM JENKINS as your choice for Representative in Congress.. Take a Stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Election Day 2014

Once again, as I did in 2012, I am going to my polling place as a candidate for the House of Representatives.  I hope that you will WRITE-IN THOM JENKINS as your choice for Representative in Congress. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Election Eve 2014

I am as excited as I was in 2012 on the eve of the General Election.. I believe that if you have had the opportunity to read my blog which has been a large part of my campaign over the last two election cycles; that you will come to the conclusion that I am an excellent choice to represent you in the House of Representatives.I  believe in the three principles that I have discussed: government must have a conscience, the two major parties do not represent the people and MONEY should not buy representation. Based on pure observation and information provided to me, both the Republican incumbent and his democratic challenger have issues surrounding money..the incumbent has questionable campaign donors to "answer to", the democrat seems to be trying to purchase the seat.Either way you look at it; the influence of money is overwhelmingly evident. Sometimes, the electorate casts a blind eye to this element in politics; I firmly believe that this must stop.  If you are, indeed, concerned about the influence of money in politics; then, I believe you must WRITE-IN THOM JENKINS as your choice for your REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS.  Send a message to Washington that money does not buy representation!  CHANGE IS POSSIBLE,BUT YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN IT!  LET YOUR VOTE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! A REAL OPPORTUNITY IS WITHIN YOUR REACH! Write my name down on a piece of paper or memo your mobile device and bring it with you to your polling place! CITIZENS UNITED is one thing BUT IT IS YOUR VOTE THAT COUNTS AT THE BALLOT BOX!