Sunday, October 9, 2016

I can't seem to get a word in edgewise

The reality of running for political office as an independent is very difficult; the media does not give you a fair shake..This election cycle as in the previous ones is dominated by the banter of democrats and republicans.  The presidential campaign is not dominated by the issues that concern the people rather it is dominated by personal attacks one candidate at the other.  There is no independent candidate for president even though fifty-five percent of the electorate is independent, not affiliated with any political how come there is no independent voice?  The media simply ignores them. Personally, I think the media is afraid to talk about them because the networks might lose their sponsors.  I think that mass media  sells what their sponsors want you to hear.  Now that does not sound very democratic to me; does it to you?  With regard to my candidacy for the ..House of Representatives....the only media  recognition I received was in the Hudson Valley news..the publisher did not even send me a radio interviews as of today..but I have been promised by a talk show host at WDST here in Woodstock..Let's see what happens..there are alot of issues I would like to discuss publicly.  Next post I will tell you where I stand on the issues currently.   

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's time for change..independents should support an independent

the time of allowing democrats or republicans to court you for your vote should be over  but that  decision has always been up to you the does this sound making America great again by working together for our future. Independents are a strong voting a voter you have to have the conviction to vote independent..seriously, just ask yourself why am I not a Republican or a Democrat..the answer probably is that you do not agree with their policies..I am not promising you overnight change  but I will promise that I will work tirelessly for you the constituents of the 19th Congressional district of New York  not a political party's agenda.  The establishment in Washington has just got to is not an overnight is simply time to oust democrats and republicans from office..too much influence from big MONEY AND NOT ENOUGH INFLUENCE FROM THE PEOPLE!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Politicans do not pick voters..the voters pick the politicans

President Obama speaking in Illinois on February 10th 2016 said politicans do not pick the voters, the voters pick the politicans.  I think that statement should be true don t you ? For the second election cycle in a row, democrats have chosen an outsider to represent them on the ballot.This time the candidate is from Brooklyn.  The candidate spends more time there than in this district..shouldn't that candidate be representing people from Brooklyn rather than the people of the  19th congressional district of new york? the democratic candidate chose the voters..the primary vote was hardly a mandate for her candidacy.the voters were not just paying enough attention..

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Once again a Write-in

I tried to make the ballot but was unable to come up the three thousand five signatures that an independent is required to make the ballot..however I did manage to gather more signatures than the democrats or republicans are required to make the ballot which is only 1250.  The rules favor democrats and republicans they petition before an independent and most importantly they are required to get about one-third as many signatures..I managed one newspaper article and no radio interviews to date..I am not giving up. Independents represent 55% of the electorate yet they are citizens without a voice.  For the last three election cycles I have focused upon  being an independent voice not aligned with any political party..I have not done well..but that is to be expected..lack of media attention et cetera..In the last election cycle in case you do not remember, democrats chose sean eldridge, a very wealthy entrepreneur,to represent them on the ballot..he had not resided in this district very long..democrats chose to ignore the fact that he was a carpetbagger..but he did have lots of cash..millions in fact . He tried to buy the election..Chris Gibson beat him badly. This election cycle the democrats have chosen zephyr teachout. I met ms. teachout during the democratic primary  at a local debate I went over to her  after and introduced myself as an independent running against her..she asked me why..we were interrupted and I never got the chance for my reply..Here it is..I do not believe that democrats and republicans represent the people..I do not believe that the electorate should vote for a representative that is required most of their time in washington to raise money for their respective parties and hardly legislate for the people who put them there..and thereby yielding to the overwhelming influence of lobbyists..I do not believe that it is fair that a candidate sneak into a district at the eleventh hour and run for a congressional seat.  I ran into an old opponent in woodstock one day recently and asked him why he was not running for congress again..he replied that teachout seemed to be a juggernaut coming from a her strong showing against cuomo in 2014..that s too bad I thought..My belief is that the candidates message is important..winning is one thing..Letting your vote make difference toYOU is another. Change is important..but it has to come from you! It is my hope that this November 8th 2016 that everyone who really wants change uses their vote to write in Thom Jenkins at the bottom slot on the ballot under House of Representatives.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Now its my turn...

On june 28th democrats and republicans will have their individual closed primaries.  Their opportunity to petition the ballot  began in march and closed in april. those candidates needed 1250 signatures to participate according to state election law.  I have attended two debates for the democrats and listened closely to republican debate on capitol tonight on cable. It is june and my turn has finally come. I have petitioning since my first day the 21st of june.  I look forward to meeting more of you this election cycle.  Over the past two election cycles I have personally spoken to more than 5000 people in the district.My magic number to make the ballot is a minimum of 3500  valid signatures; it is a lot of work and I assure you that it is not easy. I think the message is  important.. Because i did not make the ballot in either of the two previous election cycles I ran as a write-in ;to no ones surprise I did not win but proudly received a number of votes each time.  The behavior of the electorate has illustrated a pattern that has not changed our nation s government in Washington. Same old story..same old result. While I do not pretend to your knight in shining armor and the savior of our republic; I will declare that there must be a new chapter in American politics. The 2016 election cycle has been very exciting..whether or not you like a bernie sanders or a donald trump both have come out and said the electoral system is not fair it is corrupt and rigged.  I do not believe that we can prove it but we can at least acknowledge it. It is no different than any other system.  Unfortunately, we have tried to export it in Iraq and Afghanistan and we have been seeing the results with the sacrifices of our servicemen and women along with NATO forces. I love my country..the system is not working for our families.  We need solutions not a political stalemate.  We can justifiably  point our collective fingers at the two party system that does not represent the people.  It  is time for a new chapter in American politics; it is time for the electorate to wake up and have a shift of consciousness...try something else..there is no reason not too! I have been quietly voicing that. position. Quite frankly I want everyone in the district to vote for me come this tuesday november 8th 2016.  Tell washington enough is enough..the new chapter begins NOW! But first, I need your support  on my petition.  Please sign my petition between June 21st and july 26th to make sure that your voice is heard in washington ..for years to come..I believe in my message..I promise to be an outspoken advocate for you not a political party.  SIGN THE PETITION and thank you to all those people who have already signed.