Friday, October 31, 2014

Five Days to Go..

The countdown to Election Day is getting closer; just five more days.  I hope you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The Republicans are already threatening  to shut down the government,  assuming they take the Senate.A shutdown is a very dangerous game. The  political extremism  in both the Senate and the House of Representatives illustrates just how important it is to vote for an Independent. I will work both sides of the aisle in order to begin to disable this problem. It should be a concern for ALL!  Remember, this November 4th, to go down the Congressional line and WRITE-IN THOM  JENKINS in the space provided; let your VOTE make a difference !  I will be working for you!

Me and My Ballot - Write me In!

Please view my newest video on how you can write my in on your ballot on Tuesday so I can represent you in Congress.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Don't Worry Republicans!

During the 2012 campaign , I attended the third debate in Oneonta, New York.  I did not participate; but I certainly listened.  Upon taking my seat, an older couple addressed me and said,"don't worry we're Republicans." Some time has gone by since then, and I am worried. The Republicans managed to shut down the government  wasting assets and money (to me a person is an  asset); voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act over fifty times, failed to act on domestic legislation , failed to look at  infrastructure legislation. Dysfunction, obstruction, call it whatever you would like; it simply has to stop; Republicans and Democrats  are counting on you to do the same old thing; if you vote the same old way, nothing is going to change. Effective change begins with you! A change of attitude and a change in  the way you vote. I sincerely believe that I can win this election. Republicans, Democrats, and those of you who are not affiliated with any party; join with me and say:" I am just plain sick and tired of this mess in Washington". Let your vote make a difference...WRITE-IN THOM JENKINS FOR CONGRESS! I have worn out my boots working and I will wear out my dress shoes working for you in the halls of Congress.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Water, water everywhere ..not a drop to Drink

Can you imagine if you did not have access to drinkable water? Did you know that there are 1.9 billion people who do not have potable water or access to sanitation; that is one-sixth of the world's population. There are better ways to use the money wasted in political campaigns.  I believe that if the electorate  begins to say NO; politicians will begin to listen. Vote them out! There is an alternative to Democrats and Republicans.This November 4th, go down the Congressional line and WRITE-In THOM JENKINS . Money should not buy representation!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tons of Money

It is amazing that this year, according to some news analysts, there has been over 230 million dollars  in negative campaign advertisements against Mr. Obama and the poor guy is not even running. Okay, he is not winning the popularity contest ; and things have not been going  that great for the majority of us.  It is not exactly his fault alone. Elections are won and lost on the issues; Republicans and   Democrats have pretty clear views. Nevertheless, it is always party politics; it is just a vicious cycle.Probably the most significant issue is the amount of money that has been spent during this election cycle, nearly 3.4 billion dollars. It is really obscene! All that money being pumped into the media campaigns  proves to me that one is just as bad as the other. This kind of money can certainly be used for better purposes. There has got to be a better way! Insert an Independent  into Congress. this election cycle. This November 4th, WRITE-IN THOM JENKINS  on the Congressional line; I promise to fight tooth and nail for campaign reform and to end the influence of money in OUR  government.