Monday, September 29, 2014

Cause and Effect

When you have a serious problem, it is important to explore all the things that could cause it before you start to think about a solution. That  way, you can solve the problem completely the first time around rather  than addressing part of it and having the problem run  on  and on. This analysis can be useful in solving  problems anywhere from domestic violence  in one extreme  to the creation of ISIS  in the other extreme.  It is important to remember cause and  effect are elements in our lives all the time. In my next post , I will discuss the cause and effect importance  of politics and policy on  our everyday life.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Before I continue

  As I wrote in earlier post, no excuses just the facts..I have got to get something out of the way. I first met  Chris Gibson and his wife Mary Jo at a social event in Woodstock in the late spring or early summer of 2012.I think he might remember.  Anyway, I saw him walk into the event and thought to myself..better go meet him.So, I walked up to him and introduced myself as an independent who was running in the same district, the newly formed 19th Congressional District of New York. We had a good conversation. We talked politics, of course, and I asked him how he thought he would fair with Mr. Romney  as the Republican choice for the presidency.."that depends" he replied..Well, we chatted abit more..Since I am a very upfront person, I felt the need to tell him something very personal..I had  had  a domestic issue twenty years. I was married to a top fashion model ..I told him the facts. Domestic violence is more than a political issue for me; it  was very personal. I made a mistake ;I was held accountable. I paid for my actions and have regretted what happened every day since then. I asked him right away if he was going to hold it against me. As I recall, he gave me kind of a neutral answer..."I am not going to bring it up".  I do not remember if I had told him that I did a local television program on domestic violence..I am against domestic violence..when  this incident intention  was to get my wife to go to mediation  not to be in a bad situation. I think that if there  are signs of domestic abuse; anything from continual abusive language to anything physical  that counseling and mediation should be engaged at once. There is much more to domestic violence than one person,male or female, hurting the other. It hurts entire families. So, if I am ever asked about the subject of domestic violence, I will NOT avoid responding on the subject.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

no excuses...just the facts

I had great expectations this election cycle to have my name printed on the ballot this fall. I did not succeed; I only managed 2156 signatures of the 3500 required by law. Over the last two election cycles , I have gotten over 5000 people to sign my petitions;  a lot of work, just not enough.  One point that I would like to make is that if I had been a member of a political party , I would have needed  only 1250 signatures to make the ballot, unless there was a primary challenge to deal with. So you see, I have been making the effort.  The only wall that I came up against  was the time factor and of course  those personal obligations that we all have ..working to pay the bills. So here I am again asking you to go down the congressional line on the November 4th ballot and write in THOM  JENKINS.You might ask..what about your campaign?  Watch  for You Tube videos and follow my blog.I will  be posting about money and politics, inequality and why we should be elevating American education, domestic policy, unemployment and jobs, campaign reform , the importance of policy in our lives , why we need to vote, and more.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Running Again in 2014

Once again I am trying to make a difference in our political system. In 2012 I missed beng on the ballot by 613 signatures out of the 3,500 required by law. The support that I had gathered encouraged me to continue my campaign as a write-in. This was a great experience for me.

This election cycle I hope to gather enough signatures to make the ballot...with your help!

Please follow this blog as I will be posting to keep you informed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election

My congratulations to Chris Gibson on winning the 19th Congressional District; and to Julian Schreibman take pride in a great accomplishment. As for myself, I am very proud for taking a stand as an alternative to Democrats and Republicans;I am proud of my stance on the issues as well.  Mr. Obama has won a second term as President of the United States, my congratulations; but that hard fought victory may be overshadowed  by  the other outcomes in this election. The Republicans remain the majority in the House of Representatives; the Democrats hold the same in the Senate.Have any lessons been learned within the rhetoric of the campaign?  Will Congress be able to cooperate enough to get anything done?  My position , as an Independent, would have been to get a dialogue going..there must be shift from partisanship to cooperation..that would be a fresh start. To my dismay, and based on pure observation, no one is asking the right questions? That is what s missing in our government..Because without the right questions, you certainly do not get the right answers in order to come close to forging solutions for the problems that plague  us as a nation.