Saturday, November 12, 2016

Enough! The Media is the root of the problem!

I wonder if people listen with both ears..I followed the presidential election with as  much interest as I could.  I listened with no bias to any of the candidates. I expected fair a degree.  I not surprised by the out come of the election ..the media screwed everyone..Bernie Sanders did not get fair coverage..Trump has had his words literally altered..what do i mean by that.  Example one..after the san bernadino terrorist shootings Trump came out.. and said..folks we have problem perhaps we should ban muslims from coming into this country until we figure it out..Wolf Blitzer s spin on that was Trump wants to ban muslims from into this country without the caveat.  Second example..Donald Trump said that there could be riots in Cleveland if I do  not get the nomination on the first ballot..again..wolf Blitzers spin was that there would be riots..and  he kept repeating it. .truly unbelievable..These are just tiny examples of a shift in language that could be misinterpreted..Trump has said some outrageous things on the campaign he is president elect. The protesters are doing their thing..but perhaps they should have been out on the streets when bernie sanders was screwed by the Democratic National committee..just maybe the protesters should be voicing what they would like to see from the trump unify the country.The media has gone to far in its reporting on personal attacks..the media should have put a lid on it. The campaign was more about personal attacks..than the issues. and when it came right down to it The new york Post cover said it all ..A woman holding her nose and saying VOTE for the candidate you dislike the least!  Half the people felt one way the other half we have to deal with it  together.  The media is the root the problem..I guess people will pay attention a little more..maybe even presidents will bite their tongues before they talk!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Aftermath

After each election, there is  always a reaction..Mr. Trump has not done anything yet..and for anything that he will do after his inauguration he needs congressional approval.  Our form of government has checks and balances..As for all the rhetoric of the campaign..those are concepts and only concepts.  Fact: Obama  has deported more undocumented immigrants than any other president in American history.  Look to the media for misleading the public with their spin . Become more informed..listen.  Hopefully, Mr. Trump will be a president for all the people. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Election Results

Congratulations to Donald Trump for his stunning presidential victory.  The democrats thought they had  the election wrapped up ..that was a big mistake. I was not successful in my bid for the 19th Congressional district of New York..the fact is that I tried ;my views on the issues  have been consistent through the last three election cycles.Still, independents do not have a voice that means that a large portion of the electorate are citizens without a voice.  Independents are needed in government to end two party gridlock and the bad habits of political parties that linger in Washington, D.C..New election laws to make access to the ballot fair for everyone..big money donors out of politics..elected officals are public servants and they have to begin to do their jobs..Will donald trump shake up washington..? Will he make good on his promises?  We do not know the answers; we only hope that there are positive results for everyone. The one outstanding issue remains division..that division is no different than the outcomes of previous elections..the media a spin that should be filtered.  what I mean by that is..try to be accurate in your reporting.  The end result is Mr. Trump is the president elect..the House and the Senate are both Republican what we have to do is wait and see.  Statements made by the winner with regard to health care ,trade, immigration, corruption in government race relations, improvements for our inner cities, dealing with isis, cyber security et cetera are not overnight concepts that are easy to solve..we must unite behind Mr. Trump and see..but remember it is really no different than any other election..a lot of bad things were said about each candidate..that is put aside the job of uniting the country begins..One last thing..congratulations to John Faso on winning the 19th congressional district..This district is gerrymandered Republican until 2020.Carpetbaggers do not belong here. two election cycles two carpetbaggers..the democrats lost each time. There should be longer residency requirements  for a person who is seeking a congressional seat.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I am the Candidate that you have all been waiting go out and vote for me!.

As I mentioned previously..I want to look sharp going to my polling place..a carhart vest to keep me warm and remind me that I am a carpenter..a starched pink shirt with a Brooks Brothers tie an Armani sports jacket and back to the carharts for my pants.. I am the candidate that you have all been looking for but hard to find.  I am not perfect and I have learned from my mistakes. The measure of a person after a fall is what he does with that new found opportunity..The only campaign promise I can make is that I will work tirelessly for the citizens of the 19th congressional district..If you have views that are simi;ar to mine; you must vote for me.  After all, a vote for me is a vote for YOU!